Pretty Stationery

Being a student involves a variety of stationery. It’s a vital part of your student life. However, stationery doesn’t have to always be as boring as it sounds . I always find nice stationery helps me concentrate better on my studying. Studying can be mundane sometimes, some fancy stationery helps in stopping yourself from procrastinating.

Giles illustration Leah notebook - £38Giles Leah Pencils - £17

Giles illustration Leah notebook – £38
Giles Leah Pencils – £17

Smythson Leather Notebooks - £45

Smythson Leather Notebooks – £45

Small Ring Agenda Cover in Monogram Vernis By Louis Vuitton – £260
Agenda Ballpoint GM – £185

Liberty Print Post-It Notes- £5.95

Liberty Print Post-It Notes- £5.95